Daira 2023

Cricket (Male)

Cricket is played with a bat and ball and involves two competing sides (teams) of 11 players. The field is oval with a rectangular area in the middle, known as the pitch, that is 22 yards. A bowler delivers six balls at one wicket (thus completing an “over”), then a different player from his side bowls six balls to the opposite wicket. The batting side defends its wicket

Event’s Rules & Regulations

1. Each team will have 11 players.
2. There will be a 5 overs match.
3. No player will be allowed to play for more than one team.
4. Only one bowler can bowl a maximum of two overs.
5. The tournament will be on knockout base system.

Event Head: Talha Naseer

Contact : 03032902323

Reg Fee: 2000

No.of Members: 11-13

Winning Prize: 60,000

Runner up: 25,000

  • Date : March 10, 2023 - March 12, 2023
  • Time : 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (Asia/Karachi)
  • Venue : Cricket Ground


Hamza Iqbal