Daira 2023

Arm Wrestling (Males)

A form of wrestling in which two opponents sit face to face gripping usually their right hands, set corresponding elbows firmly on a surface (such as a tabletop), and attempt to force each other’s arm down.

Event’s Rules & Regulations

• The shoulder of both players must be in a square position before the match starts.
• Player must have at least one foot on the ground.
• A win cannot be made if the elbow is out of the pocket.
• To win you must touch your opponent to the touch pad.
• There is no time limit to a match, but a referee may call a halt to the match if one or
both competitors are in his opinion not in a fit state to carry on.

Event Head:Haseeb Mushtaq

Contact : 03328347560

Reg Fee: 2000per head

No. of Members: 1

Winning Prize: 10,000

Runner up: 3,000

  • Date : March 11, 2023
  • Time : 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm (Asia/Karachi)
  • Venue : Martial Arts Court


Hamza Iqbal